Satellite Direct and Satellite Orbit Magazines


Satellite DIRECT is published monthly by Captive Media Inc. and is a unique and comprehensive programming guide exclusively for owners of a DIRECTV® satellite system.

Every month, Satellite DIRECT offers 300 pages of 24-hour listings of popular channels, thousands of movies at your fingertips, comprehensive sports schedules, DIRECTV® inside scoops as well as TV show highlights to better help you maximize your DIRECTV® system. 

Satellite DIRECT magazine is available in both print and electronic publication.  Subcribers to the print magazine will also have complimentary access to its online version available 2 weeks before the cover date.


Subscriptions to the Print Magazine (with complimentary online version)

1 year US Print Subscription (12 issues) for $49.95 USD

Or for $4.99 USD/Month

Subscriptions to the Online Magazine (no print copies available)

Single (1 issue) for $2.00 USD

Annual (12 issues) for $20.00 USD


Satellite DIRECT and Satellite ORBIT are both available as online magazines. This method provides our valued subscribers with multiple benefits.

The online edition is equal to the print issue with the addition of the following benefits:

  • Available 2 weeks before the cover date
  • Immediate online access
  • Zoom and search capabilities

Furthermore, subscribers can also enjoy special features on our website such as:

  • View weekly TV highlights, Family Bets and Critic's Corner
  • View extra feature articles, sports entertainment, triva and upcoming DVD releases
  • Download updated movies index and specialty packages.
  • Search for upcoming TV shows
    Subscriptions to the Online Magazine Only (no print copies available)

Subscription Rates for Online Magazine

Single (1 issue) for $2.00 USD

Annual (12 issues) for $20.00 USD






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