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Checking in with Lindy Booth

By George Dickie

Many actors will tell you that to create a character, one must find common ground with it.

But Lindy Booth, who plays a woman with cross-wired senses on TNT's Sunday sci-fi/drama/comedy "The Librarians," obviously had to take another approach.

"The thing I latched onto was a bit like a funhouse," says Booth, who plays synesthete Cassandra on the hourlong series, which airs on the same night on Space in her native Canada, "like inside her brain is like working in a funhouse, like too many lights, too many sounds, too many smells, too many people jostling you, and I just took that as like how every thought for her was sort of that sensory overload.

"And I'm not great in crowds," she continues, "so to me that is like an ultimate freak out. So when we were talking about how she feels totally overstimulated when this starts to really kick in, that's sort of what I drew from, sort of my experiences in crowded places where you couldn't know what was going on. That's sort of what her world and her thought process became like for me, which was easy because I could sort of relate to that growing sort of frenzy."

Booth, 35, immediately recognized the potential in playing a woman who sees numbers as colors, hears science as music and smells breakfast foods when she does math. She read up on the condition, did research on the Internet and even talked to synesthetes. The learning curve was enormous. "It is so much more difficult to play a character that is that much smarter than you are ...," Booth says, laughing. "When you have to sit down and Google every other word and understand (arcane concepts) just to make it through your first line, it added a whole other layer of research and work that I was having to do, not just at the beginning but on a daily basis."

Birth date: April 2, 1979

Birthplace: Oakville, Ont.

TV credits: "Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension," "Relic Hunter," "The Famous Jett Jackson," "Odyssey 5," "The 4400," "October Road," "The Philanthropist," "NCIS," "Supernatural"

Movie credits: "Rub & Tug" (2002), "Bar Life" (2003), "Wrong Turn" (2003), "Dawn of the Dead" (2004), "Choke" (2004), "Nobel Son" (2007), "What Just Happened" (2008), "Kick-Ass 2" (2013)

What she loves about acting: "I never know when I get a script what it's going to be. I just never know and I could never imagine it. I admire writers and creators so much because they never cease to amaze me."

Lindy Booth


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