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Satellite DIRECT Magazine is the only guide that offers 24/7 coverage for the DIRECTV entertainment system.

Satellite DIRECT Magazine also offers more channel coverage than any other guide. We'll help you make the most of your entertainment value with each issue.

Discover 1000's of TV, Movie and Sports listings in each issue. Learn about free channel promotions, exciting offers from DIRECTV and full schedule and calender information for your favorite sporting and TV events.

Satellite DIRECT Magazine is available in print and online format. 

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Every month, we deliver:

-Thousands of TV listings for hundreds of chanels for the entire month
-Thousands of Movie listings
-Thousands of Sports listings
-Online access that allows you search by Movie title and air date
-Exclusive sneak peek of free channel trials and other freebies 
-Exciting entertainment news on your favorite TV shows and actors.

Imagine receiving all this in one, clean and easy to use publication. 

No fine print, no obligation. Just free access to explore the best listing guide in the industry.

Enter your Promo Code to access our online magazine and sample all the great features we provide. We also offer this publication as a printed copy, mailed every month to your home.


In Every Issue

24/7 Coverage

All day, every day. You get listing information for the entire month. No other guide offers you this much coverage. You won't believe how many channels we've packed in!


We are the only guide that allows you to see what is playing for the entire month, every day, every hour.

Unbeatable Channel Selection

No other guide covers as many channels as we do. We list 1000's of TV, movie and sports listings.

Online & Print

Every print subscription includes FREE access to our Online Members area, including your online magazine.

Don't want a print copy? Receive Satellite DIRECT online only and save 30% off the print subscription.

Inside Scoop

Free channel previews, free events on your DIRECTV system and eveyrthing in between.


Every issue provides you with exlusive access to the promotions that enhance your entertainment value.



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