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Trivia Quiz Psych
By John Crook


1) Hank Azaria, who starred as psychiatrist Dr. Craig Huffstodt in 2004-06 Showtime series "HUFF," won an Emmy co-starring with Jack Lemmon in a 1999 adaptation of what runaway best-seller?

2) On "The Bob Newhart Show," in what city did Dr. Bob Hartley practice?

3) What Emmy-winning actress played Ally McBeal's therapist, Dr. Tracy Clark?

4) On "Ellen," what beloved TV talk show host guest starred as Ellen Morgan's therapist in the Emmy-winning episode in which Ellen came out of the closet?

5) On "Cheers," what Emmy-winning actress guest starred as Dr. Hester Crane, who showed up to warn Diane Chambers to stay away from her son, Frasier?

6) On "Frasier," Frasier and Niles were startled to learn that their late mother had named them after whom?

7) Wendie Malick starred as psychiatrist Judith Tupper Stone on what long-running HBO sitcom?

8) What superstar played Dr. Susan Lowenstein, Nick Nolte's shrink, in the award-winning 1991 film adaptation of "The Prince of Tides"?

9) As a tough-minded but compassionate nun named Sister Peter Marie Reimondo, Academy Award winner Rita Moreno counseled the troubled inmates of the Oswald Correctional Facility in what long-running HBO drama?

10) Marcia Cross played troubled Kimberly Shaw on what campy Fox soap?


1) "Tuesdays With Morrie"

2) Chicago

3) Tracey Ullman

4) Oprah Winfrey.

5) Nancy Marchand

6) Her two favorite lab rats

7) "Dream On"

8) Barbra Streisand

9) "Oz"

10) "Melrose Place"

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