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Dog daze
By John Crook


1) A wire-haired fox terrier named Asta sniffed out clues like a bloodhound for what famous movie and TV sleuths?

2) Which "Northern Exposure" character briefly became convinced that a stray dog was the reincarnation of one of her many ill-fated boyfriends?

3) Name the two dogs who live with "Dharma & Greg."

4) On "Mad About You," Paul and Jamie Buchman frequently were awakened at night by the sound of their dog, Murray, pursuing what prey?

5) Based on a hit movie comedy and a best-selling book by Jean Kerr, what 1965-67 NBC sitcom featured a lumbering sheep dog named Ladadog?

6) Can you name Lassie's first (and most famous) two TV masters?

7) On what 1962-71 sitcom would you find an old bloodhound named Duke living next door to a pampered poodle named Claude?

8) Set in a haunted New England cottage, this romantic 1968-70 sitcom included a feisty little family pet named Scruffy. Do you remember the show's title?

9) After his death, the hapless Buck of "Married ... With Children" was reincarnated as another dog and condemned for his canine crimes to continue living with the Bundys. What ironic name did Kelly Bundy give to the new pooch?

10) In what century would you find Astro living with his animated TV family, "The Jetsons"?


1) Nick and Nora Charles of "The Thin Man"

2) Maggie O'Connell

3) Stinky and Nunzio

4) Invisible mice

5) "Please Don't Eat the Daisies"

6) Jeff Miller and Timmy Martin

7) "The Beverly Hillbillies." Duke belonged to the Clampetts, Claude to Mrs. Drysdale.

8) "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"

9) Lucky

10) The 21st century

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