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Her Emma-nence
By John Crook


1) Emma Thompson guest starred on "Cheers" as a character named Nanny Gee, who was revealed to be the first wife of which character?

2) Thompson won a 1992 Academy Award as best actress for her acclaimed performance in what movie adaptation of an E.M. Forster masterpiece?

3) Thompson's leading man from that same movie reunited with her for another critically acclaimed film, "The Remains of the Day." Who was he?

4) A 1998 Emmy went to Thompson for her hilarious guest appearance on what ABC sitcom, in which she pretended to be a closeted American lesbian?

5) Thompson kept that faux-Yank accent in "Primary Colors," the 1998 political satire in which she played a character transparently based on which U.S. first lady?

6) Thompson reunited with her "Primary Colors" director for the 2001 HBO production "Wit." Who is he?

7) Many U.S. viewers first took notice of Thompson back in the late 1980s on PBS, where she played Harriet Pringle in the critically acclaimed miniseries "Fortunes of War." Who played Harriet's husband?

8) Thompson took home an Oscar for working on "Sense and Sensibility" in what capacity?

9) On what film did Thompson meet her husband, Greg Wise?

10) "The Tall Guy," a 1990 film comedy teaming Thompson and Jeff Goldblum, involved turning what unlikely drama into a splashy musical?


1) Dr. Frasier Crane

2) "Howards End"

3) Anthony Hopkins

4) "Ellen"

5) Hillary Rodham Clinton

6) Mike Nichols

7) Kenneth Branagh, whom she later married

8) She adapted the screenplay.

9) "Sense and Sensibility"

10) "The Elephant Man"

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